Anna Hicks

From Azura Team Members: “Anna’s love, respect and genuine concern for her residents is never ending. She comes in early and stays late if necessary. She speaks up on behalf of her residents and is fearless in her convictions. This girl is a “born” caregiver; instinctual and inspirational! Her approach with every single resident is a beautiful and truly genuine MOSAIC interaction.

Recently,  Anna noticed that a resident was having a bad day. She knew that this resident used to be a teacher so she came up with a written test that the resident could grade. She gave the resident 3 different tests to grade along with an answer key. The resident sat for awhile correcting the test and then when given a piece of paper, the resident wrote out a new test to be given. It was a true MOSAIC moment and exceptionally INNOVATIVE on Anna’s part.”

Thank you Anna for all that you do, you are EXCEPTIONAL!