Bonny Block has been with our Azura Memory Care of Monroe home for nearly two decades and is True Blue in how she personalizes her approach in the care of each resident.  She consistently utilizes the MOSAIC approach to ensure each resident feels loved, safe and at home.

One family member shares, “Bonny has a firm, yet very calming way of caring for not only my mom, but other residents as well. She has gotten my mom to cooperate when she’s stuck on being negative and to calm down when she’s agitated. She is also excellent at redirecting….At my mom’s birthday party, Bonny was wonderful. She was helpful, efficient, and inclusive. She was the perfect mix of giving us privacy and including all the other residents in the cake and ice cream, and doing everything else that needed doing… Bonny has communicated with us on every change she has noticed, and she has made some excellent suggestions. I value her input. This is not an easy job, but Bonny handles it all with so much efficiency is amazes me.”

Thank you Bonny for all the ways you support our residents and family members-you are True Blue!