Erin, Azura of Eau Claire: Erin is recognized for providing exceptional support to all of our residents and helping them to RECOVER during difficult times. One day, a resident had asked the team how his friend was doing as he had not been at the table for meals. The team explained to him that he was not doing well and after hearing this, the resident asked if he could go see his friend. Erin got the OK and brought him down to his friend’s room herself after supper. He was able to sit by his friend’s bedside, say the rosary and a prayer and say his goodbyes. A team member passing by witnessed this moment and joined in in talking about all the good times and laughs they had had with him and how much they were going to miss him. This resident passed away the following morning.  Thank you Erin for supporting this resident and helping him to have this special moment with his friend. You are exceptional!