One morning at breakfast Jessica noticed one of the residents was very quiet and appeared sad.   When Jessica sat down with her to ask why she was not her happy, perky self she replied “my boyfriend is missing, he has been gone for a week”.   Jessica knew these two residents had been quite the pair for the last few months.  They would keep each other company and sit together whenever they were in the common areas. The resident she was referring to had since moved into a hospice home. Knowing that this resident had lost her husband a few weeks before coming to Azura, and that it took her a very long time to adjust to his passing, she did not want to upset her with the news of the other resident’s condition. Jessica stated that she would check it out and get back to her.  Jessica then came up with the idea to write her a letter from the other resident.   The letter explained that he had decided to move back in with his daughter but that he missed her and he wanted her to keep smiling. This was not only very INNOVATIVE, but very thoughtful on the caregiver’s behalf to help put the resident at ease.