John Nowak

From an Azura Team Member:  “We have a newer resident who gets anxious some nights stating that her husband is waiting outside for her as they have dinner reservations. This sometimes continues late into the evening. With this in the back of his mind, John, on a night when this resident’s husband was visiting, invited him to join his wife for dinner.

At first, the husband declined the invite due to prior plans he had scheduled for that evening. When John explained to the husband about his wife getting anxious at times thinking they had dinner reservations, the husband cancelled his plans for the evening and joined his wife for dinner. John made it extra special and set- up private dining for this resident and her husband in the family room.”

This is EXCEPTIONAL and shows great RESPECT to the resident and also helped her RECOVER through John’s INNOVATION and in the end proves Azura has yet again RETAINed one of the finest.

Thank you John for all that you do, you are EXCEPTIONAL!