Kathy and Fred

Fred, Maintenance Technician, and Kathy, Quality of Life Coordinator, Oconomowoc

Kathy and Fred are recognized for their INNOVATION in creating an in-home “Gingerbread House” featuring all of the residents. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Kathy and the Azura team captured photos of the residents and made several collages to reflect different holiday-inspired scenes with Fred and the residents assisting with creating and decorating the Gingerbread House materials.

The residents and team had so much fun creating this and would share a laugh whenever they walked past the finished product.  Kathy, thinking of all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren that would be coming for a visit, incorporated several hidden elves from the “Elf on the Shelf” story into some of the pictures for them to find. A truly touching and INNOVATIVE project that brought so much joy to many this past holiday season! Thank you Kathy, Fred and Azura Oconomowoc Team for piecing this MOSAIC Moment together. You are EXCEPTIONAL!