Katie Fennell

This past quarter Katie has shown the many EXCEPTIONAL ways she is helping to aid our residents and those in the community with memory loss.  She was an intregal part of Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire’s Thrift Sale to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, which raised over $18,000. However, it was during this event that she truly showed her dedication to helping others.  While at the Sale she was notified that there was an older gentleman standing in the middle of an intersection a few blocks away looking very confused. 

Katie jumped in her car and went to his aid, helping to get him to safety and working with him and the local police department to assess the situation and determine next steps.  She learned that he had just recently lost his wife and was trying to get to their lawyer to get his affairs in order.  He had gotten off at the wrong bus stop and was very confused. Katie helped to get him into the back of the police car and safely to his home.  The police department shared their thanks with Katie for her help and asked if she might share some of her training with them.  TRULY EXCEPTIONAL!