Nominated by Lynda, Executive Director:

“Last night one of our resident’s daughters came to the home to collect some of his personal belongings to take to the hospital. Kim was working her shift and assisted the daughter in gathering everything that she needed. While doing so she recognized that this daughter was having a very hard time due to the fact that her father was going to be put on hospice. After completing her 3 to 11 shift Kim went to the hospital to check on him and his daughter. Kim ended up not only spending the entire night supporting the daughter but also stayed with her until he was placed in the hospice unit the following afternoon. Once Kim was sure he and his daughter were comfortable with his new placement she then came back to Azura to work her PM shift, not once complaining about being tired. This resident’s daughter phoned both myself and Kelly to let us know how much this meant to her. She stated she had her father in many homes before coming to Azura and she could honestly say that the loving care that her father received while at Azura was beyond expectations. Azura of Wausau is truly blessed to have such exceptional caregivers like Kim!!!”