Lonnie had several nominations this quarter for being EXCEPTIONAL in addressing the needs of the residents and her fellow team members. Her presence is a comfort to many within our family of care and always makes sure that the residents feel safe and happy. Lonnie has been a source of recovery and support for our Azura families as well. In one instance, Lonnie selflessly stayed past her shift to help a resident’s family member move their loved one’s belongings out of their room.

Her team members have commented on how comfortable and welcomed Lonnie makes everyone feel, especially during their trainings. One stated, “Lonnie has taught me everything there is to know and makes me a better worker and overall person, each day,” and “You really can’t put into words just how great Ms. Lonnie is. She’s like the cool mom all the kids love. She’s helpful, funny, and respectful and has nothing but love for everyone.” Thank you Lonnie, for being an EXCEPTIONAL caregiver as well as living and sharing Azura’s core values everyday at Azura of Oconomowoc.