From an Azura family member:

 “Lonnie treated my father with respect and kindness from the moment he arrived and was not intimidated by his past history. She was able to see the goodness within his core and brought it out of him. She encouraged him to forget about his past and embrace “today” which allowed a true reconciliation to occur between him and his family members. For this, we are so very grateful. My father had end stage restlessness and pain and needed to continue to move around in order to have relief of his symptoms. Lonnie emulated INNOVATION by providing the means for him to do that by setting up chairs in a circle that my dad could walk around. Every morning, she reviewed pictures of family members with him to help him with memory retention. She was there, holding my dad’s hand when he passed into eternity. She stayed there very late that night and cried with all the family. Whenever one of the family members came to visit or call, she treated us with respect and importance, giving us the time and attention we needed. On a phone call, I think I might have mentioned how important faith is to me. One day, my dad told her, “I swear to God. God is with me.” What did Lonnie do? She took the time to write down not only what my dad said but also the date in which he said it (the 100th anniversary of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima). I carry that piece of paper around in my purse everywhere I go. I thank God for putting Lonnie in my dad’s path and confidently nominate her for the Core Value Award for her exceptional care of my dad.”

Lonnie, thank you for the exceptional support, respect, love and innovation you weave into your care and show to all in our family of care!