Tanya Wolfgram

From an Azura family member, “Tanya’s sweet smile and disposition set the mood for the residents at Azura memory care in Oshkosh. Her mild manner and soft-spoken voice are contagious for residents and guests alike. This respectful gentility is seen in her touch and care of the residents.

Tanya’s finest qualities include her manner of speaking to the residents. She comes very close, employs soft touch and speaks slowly and clearly to everyone. Her smile is natural and sincere and generates a climate of smiling responders. She uses her gentle touch and voice to redirect and motivate residents in the most innovative way. She comes alongside and almost like a second skin she non-invasively guides residents to a safe and positive outcome.

Tanya is a skilled multi-tasker who sees needs and meets many at once with deft capability. She works with residents to assure that they maintain the level of independence they are able while assisting readily when the needs present. Tanya is a quiet, calming asset to the Oshkosh home.”

Thank you Tanya for all you do –we RETAIN the finest in you!