Valeria, Azura of Oak Creek: Valeria is recognized for always smiling, making sure the residents look good, and for never hesitating to step-in when needed. She shows respect to all and has taken the time to make each new resident feel right at home. When a newer resident had stated that she wanted to go home, Valeria took the time to sit and have a conversation with her about her and the Mexican culture. It turned out that this resident has family in the same city her family lives in in Mexico. Valeria reassured her that the people at Azura were friendly and going to treat her with respect. This personal connection helped the resident feel more comfortable and at home in her environment and two days after the conversation, the resident had not stated that she wanted to leave. Thank  you Valeria for assisting in the RECOVERy of those within our care, we RETAIN the finest in you!