Wasuau Team

From Lynda, Executive Director:

“There is no greater heartbreak than to lose someone you love.  We are all well aware of the fact that when you become a member of the Azura family this will include the inevitable grief of saying goodbye to our residents.  It is also a time when we have to put our personal feeling aside to ensure our residents and their families feel supported and comfortable in our home.  

I received a call this morning from the Director of a local Hospice organization stating that when she was at the home she noted how exceptional the staff was in this house and how impressed she was with the respectful care we provide to our residents.  She went on about the amazing care provided to this resident, how loving and kind our staff is, and how this house truly feels like a home.  She had even shared this with the other staff members at her workplace.  The nurses coming into our home the next day made sure we knew how impressed she was!

As a Director there is no greater feeling than having someone from the community let you know how exceptional your team is!  Thank you to the Wausau Memory Care Team for showing RESPECT to our residents and their families and for being EXCEPTIONAL every day you enter this home! I am truly lucky to work with you all!”