Azura goes GREEN!

Azura Memory Care has gone GREEN in more ways than one this month!

In an effort to be “greener”, Azura has decided to stop the postal mailings of our monthly newsletter. However, you can still receive the newsletter; full of MOSAIC moments, home happenings, and insightful articles EVERY month. Here is how:

Azura Memory Care goes green.

  1. By emailing info@azuramemory.com to subscribe and receive by email.  
  2. By going to the home page or any of the location pages and subscribing directly to receive by email. 
  3. By going monthly to the home page or any of the location pages and viewing it there. 
  4. By going to your local Azura home and picking it up. 





 Azura Memory Care definitely went GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day…

A well-loved (and celebrated) holiday for many reasons, St. Patrick’s Day promotes the opportunity to enjoy one’s favorite brews with friends and family, to reflect on all of the “luck” felt and seen in their life, and to give a long-awaited farewell to Winter before Spring unveils its beauty.  

In addition to all of these reasons, Azura Memory Care loves celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for all of the MOSAIC moments it creates. Whether its the sight of the green grass, the green beer, the Irish delicacies, or your loved ones in some GREEN getup, the smiles created from each resound the same meaning on this special day…JOY!

Every home had their own unique way of celebrating this day; from playing green-themed BINGO, to painting a large rainbow mural, to listening to bagpipes with a side of green beer, joy was felt and seen all throughout the day. 

Happy Spring Azura friends and family! We are looking forward to seeing all of the MOSAIC moments this season brings!

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  1. Lori Anderson-
    March 28, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Even with that adorable hat, glasses and bow-tie he’s trying to hide behind, I do believe that’s leprechaun, Adam White! The hair gave you away :)
    It sure looks like a fun time was had by many!

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