Azura Memory Care Announces 2017 True Blue Award Winners

Azura Memory Care was excited to announce these three team members as recipients of the annual True Blue Award! True Blue Award winners are selected once a year based on nominations received from Azura team members, families and community members detailing how our team members exemplify our Core Values everyday. This year the number of nominations was truly EXCEPTIONAL and choosing just one was truly impossible!!  Therefore, Azura was honored to bestow this year’s True Blue Award to…

Lynda Novitzke, Executive Director for Azura of Wausau and Oshkosh

Lynda is EXCEPTIONAL in her role of Executive Director for two of our Azura homes. In addition to serving our Azura of Wausau and Oshkosh homes, she actively volunteers to travel to some of the other Azura homes on occasion to help support and train the team.  Due to her compassionate leadership, mentorship and exceptional care, she is RESPECTED in every home she visits.

Her personal and caring relationship with the residents helps aid in their RECOVERY. She uses INNOVATION in taking the time to make sure our residents feel at home and safe, putting on different hats to address any concerns that arise. It truly shows by how residents acknowledge her and react to her, how she communicates with residents and their families and the way she is there for them any time of the day or night. She is always looking for the best care plan for each resident’s needs.

She takes the time to listen and acknowledges the hard work of her staff and is straight forward and fair. Outside organizations have even shared their kind sentiments regarding Lynda, the team and the care Azura provides.

If you have the opportunity to spend some time with Lynda you will realize within the first few minutes of meeting her that she is truly exceptional and shows Azura RETAINS the finest!


Jody Ludkey, Maintenance Team Member for Azura of Eau Claire and Wausau

According to his fellow Azura Team Members, Jody Ludkey deserves this award for many reasons; each reflecting every one of Azura’s Core Values.

A jack of all trades, Jody is sought out for a variety of requests, but any time he enters the house he does so with a listening ear and never passes judgement – no matter how unrealistic or bizarre the request. Each one of the Azura of Eau Claire team members never hesitates to look to Jody for help because of the RESPECT he gives each and every one of them and for those within our family of care too. 

Jody has formed a very close and special bond with one of our residents. This resident knows Jody, asks for him and lights up when he sees him. It is important to this resident that he still has a purpose to help where and when he can, whether it’s helping carry in groceries, fill the bird feeders, water the plants, etc. Each time Jody is at the house he makes it a point to find INNOVATIVE ways to include him in whatever it is he is working on that day. The way that Jody brings JOY to him by simply asking him for his thoughts and ideas on how they should go about fixing something and including him any way he can, helps him RECOVER in so many ways.

Jody’s dedication and hard work to not only the Eau Claire house, but also to the Wausau and Oshkosh homes is truly EXCEPTIONAL and he does it with a smile on his face and a wonderful attitude and outlook. Jody is the perfect representation of how we RETAIN the finest people!


Michael Brooker, Household Coordinator for Azura of Oconomowoc 

Michael Brooker is an EXCEPTIONAL team member and exemplifies great team work at our Azura of Oconomowoc home. Michael often takes the time to spend directly with the residents doing an INNOVATIVE activity, talking or assisting them as they need. He shows great empathy toward residents and treats every member of the Azura Team with RESPECT. He does so much more than what is expected and ensures that both his Team and his residents are well supported.

Michael always has a smile for all and offers sincere comfort to the residents. In one recent instance, a resident had been experiencing a difficult week with very lethargic behavior. Michael realized how difficult it was for this resident to eat at mealtime and his non-responsive existence. Michael took it upon himself to contact the nurse and they worked together to make adjustments to see if any would aid in his RECOVERY.

Michael also takes the time outside of his working hours to receive additional certifications. He even attends dementia-specific conferences across the nation to continue learning more about the disease process and then freely shares his insight and knowledge with the team. This shows we truly RETAIN the finest in Michael!


Congratulations to all!

Thank you to all who submitted nominations and shared their kind sentiments as to how our team is providing exceptional care! Click here to learn more about our Azura Core Values and to submit a nomination today!

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