Azura’s Core Value Award Recipients

Five core values guide the decisions we make as Azura Memory Care team members and as a company: Respect, Recover, Innovation, Retain, and Be Exceptional! Each quarter, Azura Memory Care reviews nominations received from our team members, Azura families, and outside providers to recognize our Azura team members for the ways they emulate our respective Core Values. Azura is proud to share our most recent Core Value Award recipients from across our Azura family of care and an overview of their EXCEPTIONAL nominations!


Savannah, Retain, Azura Memory Care of Monroe

Savannah is recognized for our Core Value of RETAIN. Her fellow team members share, “Savannah is a great worker. She knows how to multitask and is always willing to help her co-workers out in whatever way she can. She shows a lot of love and respect for her coworkers and also for the residents You always see her busy with a resident, cooking something in the kitchen or making sure the house is cozy and clean. She truly is exceptional and has been a perfect fit into the Monroe Team! 

Thank you Savannah for being a part of our Azura Family – Azura RETAINS the finest in you! 


Tom, Retain, Azura Memory Care of Stoughton and Monroe

Tom is our Maintenance Technician for our Azura of Monroe and Stoughton homes. His team members share that Tom is always just a call away and problem solved! He is always available, quick to find a solution, and is always going the extra mile to support our team and residents. One team member shares, “Over the weekend, there was snow in Monroe, and he came in on the weekend to support the team so that they could still go back and forth between both houses, and shoveled the sidewalk for them.”  

Thank you, Tom, for your dedication and support! Azura RETAINS the finest in you! 


Steve, Innovation, Azura Memory Care of Manitowoc

Steve is recognized by his fellow team members for his dependability and dedication to the residents and team. He makes sure the residents have everything they need, is respectful to all and is INNOVATIVE in his approach to find new ways to engage with the residentsA fellow team member shares that Steve will sit down with the residents and read the newspaper with them, engaging in conversation and discussing current events; this keeps the residents actively engaged and creates a MOSAIC moment in the process.

Thank you Steve for the INNOVATION you show and the MOSAIC moments you help create!  


Simone, Respect, Azura Memory Care of Beloit

Simone is recognized for her dedication and for the heart and compassion she shares for her residents! Her fellow team members share that Simone is always doing extra to help out her co-workers and shows RESPECT to all. One team member shares “She can always put a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you are having.” 

Thank you Simone for your dedication and for the RESPECT you show to all! 



Neal, Respect, Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan

From an Azura Team Member: “Neal has proven to be an incredibly hardworking, devoted caregiver. His attentiveness and concern for every resident is remarkable. He listens with such patience and kindness…Creating joy for our residents comes naturally to Neal! 

Thank you, Neal, for the love and RESPECT you show to all at Azura! 


Rocco, Recover, Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc

From an Azura Team Member: [Rocco] has continued to grow in his role here at AzuraHe has open communication with families... He does a phenomenal job with all of the residentsHe comes up with creative, innovative solutions frequently. Rocco helps residents and families RECOVER by bringing them peace of mind and joy, and by coming up with creative, innovative, solutionsRocco is a prime example of how Azura retains the finest! 

Rocco, thank you for being EXCEPTIONAL and for all the ways you help your residents and team RECOVER!  


Stephanie, Respect, Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek

Stephanie is recognized by her fellow team members for her kindness and attentiveness to the residents. Her team members share that Stephanie is a fantastic cook and is always willing to help lend a hand! Stephanie does an exceptional job keeping the home clean and is always patient and offers great ideas. A fellow team member shares, “Stephanie is an exceptional asset to our Azura family!” 

Stephanie, thank you for the exceptional RESPECT and support you provide to all!  


Rebecca, Recover, Azura Memory Care of Stoughton

Rebecca’s fellow team members recognize her for always showing up with a smile and for the exceptional way she cares for her residents and team. She makes delicious meals and the residents have shared just how amazing they are! Rebecca always makes sure the residents get what they need. She will often do activities with the residents and will sit down and spend some time with them too.  

Rebecca, we appreciate you – thank you for all of the ways you help our residents RECOVER! 


Ryan, Exceptional, Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan

Ryan is recognized for the exceptional and personalized support he provides to our residents. When a resident was struggling emotionally due to the recent loss of their son, Ryan knew that this resident loved chocolate and when he was done working, on his time off, went to the store and got a chocolate cake and came back to give it to the residentThis made the resident’s day and redirected their thinking 

Thank you Ryan for showing care and compassion to all within our care! You are EXCEPTIONAL! 


Tracy, Innovation, Azura Memory Care of Oak Creek

From an Azura Team Member: “Tracy has been a wonderful addition to our team. She does a great job getting every resident to participate in activities and her approach is always caring and dementia specific. Family members and her team compliment her work daily. Tracy is kind and attentive to our residents and always finds ways to bring them joy. She is also very thorough and is so kind!” Another team member shares, “If my family would need care I would know they were in good hands with Tracy caring for them. 

Tracy – thank you for being INNOVATIVE in your approach and for all of the exceptional support and compassion you show to all! 


Olivia, Recover, Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc

Olivia is recognized by her fellow team members for always showing support and being willing to lend a hand to help out. When a fellow team member had experienced a loss in their family, Olivia offered to come in on her day off to assist. She put her personal plans aside to make sure this team member was supportedOlivia did an exceptional job preparing the meals and made sure a resident had special cupcakes for her birthday. Olivia helps our residents and team members RECOVER with her compassion and dedication.   

Thank you Olivia for all you do to help your residents and team RECOVER– you are exceptional!


Amy, Exceptional, Azura Memory Care of Wausau

Amy is recognized for always going the extra mile to support our residents and help them feel their best! An Azura family member nominated Amy for how she “shows caring respect for all residents. In my daughter’s case, she goes the extra mile...she gives her hair the “Amy treatment” when shampooing her hair... This procedure helps a lot.”  

Thank you Amy for your personalized, exceptional care and compassion – we retain the finest in you! 


Tracy, Innovation, Azura Memory Care of Stoughton

Tracy, Senior Executive Director, is recognized by her team members for always taking the time to do special activities with the residents. One day, after lunch, Tracy sat down with the residents and joined in on a dice game. She is always very creative in her approach to help get residents involved and having fun! 

Thank you Tracy for the care and compassion you demonstrate and for making a MOSAIC moment happen! 


Hope, Exceptional, Azura Memory Care of Wausau 

Hope is recognized for living our Core Values and being exceptional in her approach to assist our residents. One nomination sharesHope is a very determined worker...She displays the greatest amount of energy to fulfill your core values. I have observed her on every shift applying the specific skills of your MOSAIC philosophy.... MOSAIC really means something to her. Her concern for the physical needs are very apparent. The mental needs, such as spiritual care demonstrated on any given moment.”  

Hope – thank you for living our Core Values and making exceptional MOSAIC moments happen. You are EXCEPTIONAL! 


Do you know an Azura Team Member who is EXCEPTIONAL? Recognize them today by nominating them for a Core Value Award or annual True Blue Award here!

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