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Azura Memory Care is committed to working with the best, brightest and most dedicated in the industry. We see each member of our team as a critical partner in the mental, physical and spiritual development of our residents.

Azura Memory Care is elevating the standard of care in Wisconsin with creative services, innovative therapies and caring relationships. We’re proud of our transformational programming for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We promise you that every team member receives the education and support he or she needs to become an exceptional caregiver with ample opportunities for recognition and advancement in their career.

Five core values guide the decisions we make as team members and as a company: We treat our guests and coworkers with the utmost RESPECT. We help people to RECOVER; physically, mentally and spiritually. We encourage INNOVATION and creativity. We hire and RETAIN the finest people. Be EXCEPTIONAL.

Azura Memory Care is always looking for exceptional people to join our team. Positions available are: Resident Care Specialists, Cooks and Quality of Life Professionals. Experience in the field you are interested in is a plus, but we are most interested in the care and compassion you demonstrate to the people we serve, how friendly you are to our visitors, and how you support your team members.

Azura Memory Care provides a competitive salary and paid training as well as a generous PTO benefit for full-time team members. Full-time team members, who work 30 plus hours per week, are also eligible for medical and dental insurance, and a 401K retirement plan. 

At Azura Memory Care we believe that by treating our team members with RESPECT and helping them to RECOVER, it enables us to not only RETAIN the finest, but to inspire INNOVATION in our care and for all of us to be EXCEPTIONAL!

Testimonials provided by Azura team members:

“After my first tour with Azura memory care, I knew that I was home. I have worked with the older adult population since 2007 and I cannot get enough of memory care! The new breakthroughs and innovations that are being discovered every day just blow me away because I know that Azura is on the forefront of this field. I love working with dementia patients because I know that they are history, living, breathing history and it is up to me to tell their story, and keep telling it even after they can’t. I love working with this population because every day is something new, fun and exciting, and every day there is a new challenge. I LOVE coming to Azura to visit because it’s calm, peaceful and enjoyable, not just for visitors, but for the residents as well. I don’t see Azura as just “memory care”, but as an extension of home that makes the aging process, and especially the dementia process, easier for everyone involved to experience together. I knew right from the moment I stepped foot into Azura, this is where I wanted to be.”

“I have been in assisted living for a lengthy amount of time. I have worked in large settings and small. When I came to Azura, it was the exact setting I was looking for. Management was welcoming and beyond supportive. There is always positive feedback and room for growth. This company will take the time with you to give you all the tools you need to learn the expectations and the job itself.”