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Thank you Teepa Snow and attendees for an EXCEPTIONAL symposium!

Below you will find the links to the PDF presentation slides for each session. Click the link and from there you can download or print the document!

Why Do They Do That?  Understanding Symptoms and Situations of Dementia Seen in Hospital and Other Care Settings

Changing Resistance to Care to Participation in Care and Pain Management in Dementia

How Lifelong Personality Traits and Preferences Impact Dementia Care at Home, Hospital and other Care Settings

Developing Activities That Have Meaning For Those Living with Dementia

Handouts are intended for personal use only.  Any copyrighted materials or DVD content from Positive Approach, LLC (Teepa Snow) may be used for personal educational purposes only.  This material may not be copied, sold or commercially exploited, and shall be used solely by the requesting individual.