Everyday MOSAIC Moments Give Purpose

Losing the feeling of being a productive member of the family or of society is common for someone affected by memory loss. Azura Memory Monroe-coupon clippingCare understand this loss and believes that one of the ways to help our residents recover physically and mentally is by including them in everyday chores around the house. This may include helping with the dishes, vacuuming, peeling vegetables, folding laundry, clipping coupons, dusting tables, etc. All these chores are done under the watchful eye of our caring staff. They know that they will later quietly either finish or redo the task. They also know that the value of giving our residents this opportunity is very important.

To us, these may be pesky tasks but to someone with memory loss we have created a MOSAIC Moment because at that moment their life had purpose and meaning. That is the true intent. We engaged them and met their Core Psychological Needs by boosting their self-esteem and by giving them a way to feel needed and useful. We gave them a reason to smile.

One of our Core Values is to help people recover physically, mentally and spiritually. Everyday, household tasks do just that. Pictured are residents from Azura Memory Care of Clinton and Azura Memory Care of Monroe.

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