Find Clinical Trials at NIA ADEAR Center

Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials through NIA ADEAR Center

All kinds of volunteers are needed for research to detect, treat, delay, and prevent Alzheimer’s—people with the disease, caregivers, and healthy people with and without a family history of memory problems. Now it’s easier than ever to find clinical trials about Alzheimer’s and related conditions by going to the website of the Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center or calling the Center.

The Center’s web-based tool at www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers/clinical-trials allows users to search by treatment or other intervention, location, and age—or to simply click on the U.S. map to find active trials nearby.

Featured trials include:

For more information or to find other Alzheimer’s clinical trials, visit www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers/clinical-trials, or contact the ADEAR Center at 1-800-438-4380 (toll-free) or adear@nia.nih.gov. The ADEAR Center is a service of the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health.

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