Go Big or Go Home

Stoughton-KerPlunk_(British)Who didn’t play KerPlunk as a child? The game was probably similar to the smaller picture on the left. If you recall, players take turns removing a single straw from the tube while trying to minimize the number of marbles that fall through the web and into their tray.

When Kali McKaig, Coach and Team Leader at Azura Memory Care of Stoughton, does something, she does it right. And, in this case, she super-sized it! Kali made a Jumbo KerPlunk game in her spare time especially for her residents with Alzheimer’s. She knew it was important for them to continue to challenge their brains yet wanted them to feel successful. The residents laughed, strategized and played all day…most of the time in team spirit but, once in a while, it was pretty competitive. At all times, the residents absolutely LOVED it!

KUDOS Kali McKaig! You are living our Core Values. This is truly innovative and very creative. You are one of Azura Memory Care’s finest people.

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