A Thanksgiving Poem

Using the letters from the word “Thanksgiving”, the residents at Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan created a list of things they appreciated and then created a prayer for our Thanksgiving feast.

Try this activity with your family and friends before your big turkey dinner or feel free to use ours.

A Thanksgiving Poem

Thank you God for all we have,

Health, happiness, friends and family.

All good things He gives to us.

Never let us forget His gifts.

Kindness and loving thoughts in mind,

Sentimental and emotional days You give to us.

Goodness and caring throughout the day,

Involving everyone, this we pray.

Victory we give to You

In the year of the first Thanksgiving feast.

Never ending in our mind

Give your blessing to all mankind.  Amen.


Around the Thanksgiving table — laden with the turkey, dressing, vegetables and pies — there is the best dish of all: the history of people. Enjoy the holiday with family, friends and loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving from Azura Memory Care!

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