Hey Cupcake!

Everyone was a winner at the Cupcake Walk held at Azura Memory Care of Stoughton. And really, how couldn’t you be? Fun, laughter, Stoughton-cupcakemovement, competition and of course…CUPCAKES!

So, just what is a Cupcake Walk? This game is essentially musical chairs but with cupcakes instead. After breakfast, the residents and staff baked cupcakes and decorated them…so pretty. Then, let the game begin! We played some lively music and the residents began to walk around the circle of chairs. When the music stopped, so did the residents. They then sat in the nearest chair…except that there was one less chair than people. Stoughton-cupcake 1

The person that didn’t find a chair was eliminated from the competition. But it is a far stretch to say that person was the loser because the person left standing got to pick and eat a decorated cupcake!

Hmm… so what is the motivation to find a chair? Sounds like a game no one wants to win.

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