Innovative: Homemade Spray Chalk

You probably have heard of sidewalk chalk, but how about sidewalk paint? Azura Memory Care of Beloit mixed up a batch and had FUN with our residents outdoors. They creatively modified the project by using spray bottles for the paint, so that our residents could safely enjoy their creations without having to bend or get on the ground.  Thanks for living our Core Values Azura Memory Care of Beloit! This project demonstrates innovation, respect and being exceptional.


Washable Sidewalk Paint

2 Cup Conrstarch

2 Cups Water

Food Coloring

Paint Brushes

Large Spray Bottles (like you would use for water)


    1. Combine equal parts water and cornstarch in each bottle. Shake it up.
    2. Add a drop or two of food coloring. Do not add too much or it will be a bit harder to rinse off.


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