Introducing MOSAIC Moments

Azura Memory Care has a team of quality of life specialists who have developed a holistic programming plan for each of our communities.  We call our programming MOSAIC, which stands for Memory care professionals Offering Support through Advances and Innovation in Care.  This cutting-edge programming is evidence-based, researched and tested as the highest standard in dementia care.

It honors the personhood of each individual by understanding that dementia is a disability in only specific areas of the brain, not the whole person. Our strengths-based programming worksto utilize the parts of the brain that are still functioning properly leading to engagement and enhanced quality of life.

Providing compassionate care and transformational programming for those in need of memory care begins with a secure, warm setting. By making our communities feel like home, our residents feel more content … and respond more positively to our team of committed professionals.

MOSAIC Moments will be a featured part of the Azura blog that helps to tell the story of our residents and the magical moments that they experience every day.

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