Lights! Camera! MOSAIC Dream!

What TV star do you wish to be?

Our resident Debbie would immediately tell you, Judge Judy! 

In fact, according to Debbie, she loves Judy’s wise-cracks, her demeanor and would have loved to be on the Judge Judy Show. However, our EXCEPTIONAL Oak Creek Team realized they could bring the show to Azura and to Debbie!!

Working together our Team created a personalized script that reflected not only the feel of the Judge Judy show, but incorporated Debbie’s love of wine, coffee and dogs, especially puppies. Next they began to collect and make personalized props and costumes to enhance the experience. They made sure to get Debbie a gown, gavel and bench from which she could rule the courtroom. Finally they learned their lines and helped Debbie learn hers too.

On production day they got Debbie ready for her big debut with hair and makeup and donned their own costumes. Then it was lights, camera, action and the Judge Debbie show became a reality. Taped in one take, the video shown below may be homemade, but it was created with the deepest amount of love and compassion.  The combined efforts of the Azura Team to bring this courtroom a MOSAIC Dream to fruition deserves a ruling of truly EXCEPTIONAL!

Please take a moment to enjoy Judge Debbie’s Dream and all of the heartfelt effort that went in to making it a reality. Warning some adult language and sassiness is used!

Thank you Team Azura for helping create, capture and engage Debbie in making her MOSAIC Dream come true!


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