In loving memory…

Louis Roedell has always loved working with wood. He recently donated one of his creations- a beautifully, handcrafted checkerboard table in loving memory of his wife, Ruth.



The residents, team members, and visitors of Azura Memory Care of Stoughton have enjoyed using the table since its arrival.



A daily walk, a good book, a game of checkers. They’re more than mere simple pleasures; they are all good for the mind. And in this case, good for the soul.

We help people to recover physically, mentally and spiritually.

And, we sincerely thank you, Louie.

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  1. Ashley Vedvig-
    June 9, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    This is so wonderful! I just saw this and he looks so adorable in that photo, we are all going to miss him so much! Again, thank you for all the love you gave him, your staff loved him like family and we could not have asked for a better place for Louie.

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