MOSAIC Dream: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Knowing the history of our residents at Azura Memory Care is at the base of everything we do and is an integral part of our MOSAIC philosophy. When we learned that a resident in our Azura Memory Care of Wausau home was in the Kenosha Comet’s Baseball Hall of Fame as a pitcher, it was no wonder that his best day would be to go to a game.

However, thanks to our exceptional community partner the Wausau Woodchuck’s Ray didn’t just sit in the bleachers at their game, he got down on the field. In fact, Ray, who once pitched to the famous baseball player Satchel Paige, also threw a slider to Woodchuck’s owner, Mark McDonald prior to the game.

Right after he threw his fireball, Ray turned to the Azura Memory Care Team and exclaimed, “I feel really, real!” It is moments like these that showcase what happens during our MOSAIC Dreams experiences, when the moment triumphs the disease and allows the resident to become real again!

Seeing this experience unfold an attendee at the Woodchuck’s game gave Ray their special box seats where he was able to see every pitch, while of course eating a hot dog and giving commentary on every play. A truly exceptional day!

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