MOSAIC Moment: Coloring for Any Age

coloring, activity, sunDo you know that crayons were first invented in 1903!  As a result, many within our care have used this creativity tool for fun and self-expression for nearly all of their life.

Most people think that adult coloring is something that recently came about, but the truth is that psychologist, Carl G. Jung brought this stress releasing outlet to light in the early 20th Century.  In fact, it is a technique that our Azura Memory Care Team has used to help calm, sooth and bring joy to our residents for many years.

Recently the Kenosha News highlighted our efforts in article discussing the benefits of adult coloring.  Click here to read more!

One thing that we recognize is that art of any kind can evoke memories, boost self-esteem and help our residents to feel valued.  As a result, many of our homes participate in the Memories in the Making program by the Alzheimer’s Association and have special displays that showcase the masterpieces created by our residents.  Please feel free to visit your local Azura Memory Care home to see our creations any time!

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