MOSAIC Moment: Flags a Flying

MOSAIC Moments abound within the Azura family, as every day you can witness the many smiles our Teams are helping create.  However, there are moments that just scream MOSAIC when all of the parts of our care and our heart come together to create true and utter magic!

One of these moments occurred recently when our Maintenance man in Manitowoc noticed that our Stars and Stripes weren’t so bright any more and that it was upsetting two of our Veteran’s inside.  Jim, took it upon himself to get them a new flag, then bundling them up, he asked them to help him raise Old Glory to its proper place!

Neither wind, nor snow or cold could stop them as they proceeded to do ceremoniously raise the flag to the top of the Azura Memory Care flag pole and say a special salute!  Hours after both men were still talking about the experience and personalized magical moment that they got to create!

Great job and Team Azura for making this MOSAIC Moment, fly for all to see!

PS – Check out more of Azura’s MOSAIC Moments by going to – https://www.azuramemory.com/mosaic-moments/. Catch your Azura smile today!


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