MOSAIC Moment: Military Memories

war-picture-2There is a special group of individuals that can at times have great difficulty with a disease like dementia, because it takes them back to times of war or conflict. While all who serve their country do so with honor and for the greater good, at times the memories can be distressing.

This is just one reason why we monitor what is playing on the TV’s in our homes, because certain items on newscasts can set off emotional memories. Recently, a resident at our Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc home who is an Army Veteran from the Korean War, was voicing concern that his time there may not have been well spent and that the people there were “not better off.”

Hearing this, Diane Iwanski, Housekeeper at Azura Memory Care took it upon herself to contact her son who was stationed at the same Korean military base that our resident Jerry had been near. She asked her son to take pictures of the area so that she might share with Jerry how the people there had benefited from his service.

She even went so far as to put them in a photo box and label them for Jerry to prompt his memory of the place, as it looks very different now than during the time in which he served in the Army. Upon seeing the pictures and learning of the changes that have occurred Jerry was overwhelmed with joy and now shows the book to all who enter the building. This special gift has restored Jerry’s feeling of value a Core Psychological need of those with dementia that is often overlooked! Thank you Diane for being INNOVATIVE!!!

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