MOSAIC Moment: Patriotic Pride

At Azura Memory Care we pride ourselves on celebrating all of the special holiday of life and our residePatriotic Pride 2nt’s enjoy planning and preparing items to help signify these special events too.

At our Monroe home our Team took decorating to a whole new level, while using every day items that you can too! Using the inside of a paper towel roll, cut into slits; plastic forks, glue and glitter they helped residents make flashy firework artwork to adorn our walls.  In addition, by using a white cloth and some paint they used the hardworking hands of our residents to replicate the red, white and blue of our American flag!

When you think of the many ways these hands have transformed the world we live in and how they helped build the communities we serve it is truly wonderful to see!  Thank you Team Azura for supporting these residents to tap into their creativity and bring joy to so many in our midst!

Check out Azura Memory Care’s Pinterest page for hundreds of ways you can engage your loved with memory loss in some INNOVATIVE fun!  Our “Summer Life Patriotic Pride 3Engagements” board is perfect for some sunsational moments of joy!


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