MOSAIC Moment: Planting Time is Here

Planting 3Planting 2You may notice a bit of extra greenery and flowers blooming around our Azura Memory Care homes.  That isn’t because a number of our residents have suddenly grown green thumbs.

The fact is many of those within our care have loved to dig in the dirt and nurture the earth for much of their life.  At Azura Memory Care we triumph these personalized joys and find ways to bring them literally to life.

Each home is encouraged to grow flowers, vegetables and Plantingwhatever else their soil might support.  We also then engage our residents to help tend these growing plants by watering, pruning, weeding, picking, smelling and of course tasting whatever comes up!  It is a feast for the senses, which is a great way to tap into past memories of gardens growing-up or flower beds at one’s first home.

In addition, by encouraging our residents to help us tend to the plants it meets their Core Psychological Needs to nurture.  By tapping into this need we are able to reach our residents in a holistic manner and bring forth natural stimulations to stretch the mind, body and soul!

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