MOSAIC Moments: Kool-Dough Creations

What is Kool-Dough you may ask? It’s no cook dough with Kool-Aid added for color and scent…and it really helps bring out the artistic side of our residents.

SH-Kool Dough3The residents of Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan began to make the Kool-Dough by adding the ingredients and stirring them together. After it cooled, they mixed and kneaded it with their hands. Then, each took their turn smelling the different batches.

Kool-Dough was a hit on so many levels!

SH-Kool Dough2



Fine Motor (increase hand strength, dexterity and coordination)

• Squeezing it to make it softer or combine pieces into a larger ball.

• Pinching bits of dough and rolling small balls with the thumb and first two fingers.

• Forming it into a ball or sausage with two hands or with the flat of a hand on the table.


Language and CommunicationSH-Kool Dough5

• Identifying colors by name or by pointing.

• Answering questions about what they are doing.

• Forming it into letters.



• Taking turns using the different tools or deciding what to make.

• Reminiscing about baking, smells of the Kool-Aid, and playing with children.


SH-Kool Dough4


Best of all, our residents had so much fun creating hot dogs, meatballs, bowls, and simply squishing it.

MOSAIC Moments galore!

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