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Bowled Over with Fun

Mosaic Type: Retain | Mosaic Location: Eau Claire

RETAINING the finest is a vital component of the high quality care we offer. Many of our Executive Directors and members of our Leadership Team started in our company as caregivers and then rose through the ranks.

At Azura Memory Care of Eau Claire, the Executive Director, Debbie Bailey has been with us for 15 years. She continues to be EXCEPTIONAL and prove that we RETAIN the finest. Recently our Quality of Life Coordinator was out ill unexpectedly. Without missing a beat, Debbie filled in where she was needed. She got out the house bowling set and created some wonderful MOSAIC moments. This being Wisconsin, many of our residents bowled on a league. They had a wonderful time reliving past glory days, talking about best frames bowled, laughing and joking about the improvised game. And unbeknownst to them they were getting exercise and working on strength and coordination skills.

Thank you Debbie for creating so many wonderful smiles throughout the years!

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