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MOSAIC Philosophy

Azura Memory Care offers our exclusive MOSAIC training and programming, which ensures that our Team provides not just high quality care, but exceptional personalized engagements that result in magical MOSAIC Moments and radiant smiles!

MOSAIC is an acronym for Memory care professionals Offering Support through Advances and Innovation in Care and is an evidence-based, cutting-edge training created by Azura to ensure every Team Member has an enhanced understanding of memory loss and recognizes how to properly communicate and engage those within our family of care.

Held-up as a standard in dementia care, MOSAIC honors the personhood of each individual by understanding that dementia is a disability in only specific areas of the brain, not the whole person. As a result our strengths-based programming works to utilize the parts of the brain that are still functioning properly leading to engagement and enhanced quality of life.

As a result of the advanced training it allows our Team to create personalized MOSAIC programming to meet their Core Psychological Needs. When you visit Azura you will witness our everyday use of MOSAIC programming through creative expression, small group peer interactions, special interest clubs, one-on-one engagements with caregivers, outdoor activities, small group outings, daily themes, church services, supervised baking, music and much more!

MOSAIC Therapies to encounter at Azura are:

Life Story Book Reminiscence Therapy | Memories in the Making Art Therapy | MOSAIC Dreams