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Creative Therapy

MOSAIC Creative Therapy

At Azura Memory Care we look for different ways to reminisce and connect with our residents each day through our engagements and activities. One way we do this is through utilizing Creative Therapy as a way for our residents to be able to express themselves in ways that they normally would or could not. You will often see our residents painting, crafting or creating poetry as a way to help tap into their creativity and memories and experience moments of joy.

The benefits of the MOSAIC Creative Therapy program at Azura are multi-faceted and parallel our belief that as long as there is life, there will always be memories to create. Check out some of the INNOVATIVE artwork created by our residents below: 

“There are a lot of barns around. I was born on a farm. I could have put a little more color in there. We milked the cows, fed the chickens, I had a lot of messy jobs. I use to go out walking on the highway to my moms house and my cousin’s house. We walked across the neighbors field too. That’s how we got to school.”
“Home on the Ranch” by Hilde Spindler


“Never in a million years would I believe I could make this. It turned out beautiful. Spring is my favorite season when the trees start to blossom out. I don’t like the black branches. They should be brown.”
“Springtime in Sheboygan Falls” by Eugenie Manthey


“It reminds me of my own garden. We had a garden around my house. We had a whole mix of flowers. I loved the morning glories. The best time in the garden was spring.”
“Butterfly in the Garden” by Annie Wirtz


“The flowers are pretty. I like them, the ones this color. I never thought I could paint this good. I feel proud. I think it’s a pretty picture.”
“Bold Array of Flowers” by Joyce Mueller


“I love flowers. A woods and sky with clouds. I also love the outdoors. I especially like spring and the change of seasons.”
“Field of Flowers” by Imogene Dexheimmer


“I had fun doing this picture. I looked at this picture and it gave me the thought. The trees were nice to make. We had a lot of nice trees in the back of our house. No trees like this though. I didn’t think it would get this nice.”
“Dreaming of Warm Weather” by Dorothy Werthman


“These are the trees in fall by the barn where we milked the cows. The leaves and the roots look pretty good I think.”
“Woods by the Barn” by Hilde Spindler


“I was never in a hurricane and wouldn’t want to be. I wouldn’t want to live in Florida or where they have hurricanes.”
“Hurricane” by Larry Hill


“It turned out close to what it really looks like. I like everything on it. The highest mountain is called the Matterhorn like in Switzerland. I was often there but we didn’t’ climb the mountain. We were at the bottom looking up. It’s a beautiful place.”
“Bavarian Hills” by Eugenie Manthey


“I enjoyed every place I traveled. I’ve seen a palm tree but I don’t think I ever went on a boat on the ocean. I think I’d be scared but I guess with those big boats now, I think you’d be OK. I wish I could go where it’s warm. Don’t know if I’ll ever get there again. My husband always liked to go.”
“Sweet Dreams of a Vacation” by Dorothy Werthmann


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