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Reminisce Therapy

MOSAIC Reminisce Therapy

Reminisce Therapy is featured in Azura’s activity programming through the use of Life Story Books. We all have cherished memories but for our residents, those memories have become or are becoming faint whispers. At Azura Memory Care, one way we find valuable to rekindle those memories is through the daily use of a personal Life Story Book. This book contains a chronology of photos and other memorabilia of each resident’s life from childhood to present time.

Research in Europe first illustrated the value of daily reminiscing with life story books, discovering that use over a 6-9 month period helped residents maintain and in some cases significantly improve their cognitive abilities. Our experience using this valuable tool has been equally as positive and as a result, the use of Life Story Books has become a twice daily activity for our residents at Azura Memory Care. This reflection time has proven to improve quality of life and reduce anxiety for many of our residents.

Life Story Book Therapy

Life Story Book 3Life Story Book image 1Life Story Book 2

Click here to see a sample Life Story Book