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MOSAICDreams2What would your best day be? It’s a simple question that we ask our residents at Azura Memory Care, as part of our MOSAIC Dreams Therapy Program. MOSAIC Dreams by Azura seeks to make the dreams and special personalized moments of joy for our residents come true.

secondwinddreamsThanks to our partnership with Second Wind Dreams, we have been able to take a resident golfing, something he had given up because of his disease diagnosis. Then we learned that a resident had always wanted to graduate from college, so we threw her a graduation party complete with cap, gown and an honorary diploma from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Another resident yearned to go back to the County Fair for a corn dog and a beer. We may have supplemented the latter for a teddy bear, but regardless it made him smile!

Every smile and every dream realized is part of the MOSAIC of love and support we try to weave at Azura for our residents and their families. Below are a few of our favorite dreams come true!

Azura MOSAIC Dream Hitting the Golf Green Once Again: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Through our Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program, we are happy to be able to help our residents relive some of their best days and cherished activities. Whether it is enjoying a favorite dessert, swimming laps at the pool, or going up in a helicopter to see the sights down below, we love to be able to […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Speed Boat Fishing: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Program was excited to make a special fishing excursion come true for one of our residents with the help of Second Wind Dreams and team members from Scheels of Eau Claire.  According to John, a 61 year-old resident at Azura Memory Care, his dream was to go “really fast in a big […]
Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program Splashes of Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - A long-time swimmer’s MOSAIC Dream come true!! The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Program was able to help Carole swim again, a past cherished activity she enjoyed on a routine basis, at the Kenosha YMCA for the afternoon. With all of the swimming essentials and her Azura entourage, Carole jumped right back into action once her toes […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream An Equestrian Dream Come True: Azura MOSAIC Dream - An equestrian’s MOSAIC Dream come true! Barbara, a resident at Azura Memory Care of Clinton, had her MOSAIC dream realized this past month at the Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center in Stoughton. Last year, Barbara shared with her Azura family that her dream and personalized moment of joy would be to be around horses again. […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream A MOSAIC of Memories: Azura MOSAIC Dream - We have found that many of our MOSAIC Dreams center around either a professional or personal desire.  Recently, Azura’s MOSAIC Dreams Squad was able to help one of our residents, Brenda, recapture a professional goal by getting back in the front seat of a police squad car. Brenda had served on the Racine Police Department […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Brewer’s Baseball: Azura MOSAIC Dream - For a Milwaukee Brewer’s Superfan, a night at the ballgame was the ultimate MOSAIC dream and moment come true! Suzanne, a resident at Azura Memory Care, has been a Brew Crew fan for a very long time and has never missed a game. In fact, Suzanne and her family attended Brewer’s games when the team […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Jazz Music Brings Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - Earlier this June, a resident of our Azura Memory Care of Oconomowoc home had his special MOSAIC Dream made into a reality!  Jerry’s dream was to have an evening reminiscent of the dancing and fun he had at the Milwaukee Eagles Club in his younger years with his wife.  The Azura MOSAIC Dreams Squad took […]
Azura MOSAIC Dream Bronco’s or Bust: Azura MOSAIC Dream - One of the long held memories of many in our fair state is to root for the green and gold, but for one resident within our family of care his dream was more blue and orange.  You see, our resident Ken is a huge Denver Bronco’s fan and his wish was to have a true […]
Lights, Camera, Smile: Azura MOSAIC Dream - What would your dream day be? At Azura Memory Care we are asking our residents this question everyday to further tap into the person-hood of each individual and find ways to bring them JOY! For one Azura of Eau Claire resident, it was to experience a full day of pampering and to have a glamour […]
Azura of Wausau resident experiences DREAM day at ice-skating show. Ice Show Brings Joy: Azura MOSAIC Dream - What would your best day be? For one Azura Memory Care resident, it was “to go to an ice skating show.” To some, this may have been no surprise because this was something she loved to do with her family long before her diagnosis. Deemed an ice-skating aficionado, she would always tune-in to watch the […]