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Video and Training Resources

Azura Memory Care’s exclusive MOSAIC philosophy and training program is transforming the culture of care, not only within our Team at Azura, but in communities across the world. Here are a few short excerpts from our training that we hope caregivers and others will find interesting and helpful. Take a few minutes to check them out and if you would like to see more videos like this, please email us at info@azuramemory.com. We have over 50 presentations available through our MOSAIC Speakers Bureau and would love to share our expertise with your community too!

MOSAIC Philosophy and Training by Azura: Intro to Dementia and Brain Make-up

What really is dementia? This part of the MOSAIC training delves into an introduction of what the disease really is and the variety of forms it can come in. This video provides a brief understanding of the disease process as a whole and ways to better address and communicate with those who it affects. 



MOSAIC Philosophy and Training by Azura: Stages of Dementia

This part of the training breaks down the different stages of the disease process, examining the progressions of cognitive decline along with the physical and emotional struggles experienced as the disease progresses. Watch below and learn how to better get “into their world.”



MOSAIC Philosophy and Training by Azura: Dementia Myths and Communication Techniques

This video discusses and expels some of the myths associated with this disease, as well as provides a better understanding of how to properly communicate with those affected at all stages of the disease process. 



MOSAIC Philosophy and Training by Azura: Core Psychological Needs of those with Dementia

Our Azura MOSAIC philosophy is to engage our residents to feel joy and to meet their core psychological needs everyday within our care. Watch to learn more about how our philosophy is put into action in nurturing, meeting and respecting our residents’ core psychological needs.



MOSAIC Philosophy and Training by Azura: Approach Techniques for those with Dementia

This part of the MOSAIC training offers tips and examples for communicating and using the proper dementia approach when engaging with someone who has dementia.