We chose this facility for our mom back in 2004. It was her “home” for 13+ years. The main thing that impressed us was the retention of the caretakers. Mom quickly acquired more “kids” that loved and took care of her like we would have. Mom was very active for many years b4 she started declining rapidly in 2017 and this facility adjusted to her needs and abilities quickly. The staff are wonderful and welcome all newcomers with care and truly try to do what is best for our loved one. Mom was very comfortable in this environment and we never were worried about her well being. We were kept appraised of any needs and were sometimes just called to let us know how her day went! We will always be indebted to these warm, caring and loving individuals that have made this facility truly a “home” for our mom until she went to her final Home at the end of 2017. Thank you and bless you for passionately taking care of persons with this difficult disease. I recommend you really look into this facility if you want your loved one to be in a loving, caring home environment where they will be taken care of like you would do if you could.

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