Rhubarb Season!

Beloit-Rhubarb 2Thinking about rhubarb either excites you or brings dread. It reminds us of early summer and dessert. How is it possible to transform the sour stalks into a wonderful rhubarb cake, bar, or jam?

The residents and staff at Azura Memory Care of Beloit shared some favorite recipes and then got to work. A recipe is just a recipe….but what we were craving was the tasty treat.

While it baked, Azura Memory Care of Beloit reminisced about rhubarb. Who made the best pie? What months is it harvested? Most like it with strawberries. Some of us plucked it from the plant and ate it raw. Its bright crimson stalks and huge green leaves appeared each spring in many of our gardens, heralding the warm weather to come. Commonly mistaken for a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable – a member of the buckwheat family of all things – and closely related to garden sorrel. Like many plants, rhubarb’s origins date back to ancient China.

Enough talk…the cake is done. One thing we all agreed on- it is best served warm with ice cream!

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