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Wisconsin Assisted Living

The choice of an assisted living facility is as individual as the person making the decision.

Senior citizens who wish to have an independent lifestyle with the benefits of living support may opt to live in a Wisconsin assisted living community. Most of the time these types of communities are not appropriate for people needing prolonged intense medical care.

Assisted living communities provide residents amenities like meals, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, and transportation. They offer social activities that encourage interaction amongst residents.  Residents live in their own apartment and participate in extracurricular activities as much as they see fit.

Most assisted living facilities are located in close proximity or provide transportation to everyday chores like banking, shopping,, pharmaceutical and medical care.

Assisted living comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be referred to as residential, congregate, or personal care. The best way to find one that suits the needs of the resident is to research them as much as possible and then take a tour of the facility.

Here a some questions that might help in the preliminary stages of figuring out which Wisconsin assisted living facility is right for an individual:

What type of social environment will the resident be the most comfortable in?

The social interaction of each individual will play a major role in finding an assisted living community that is right for him or her. Some communities are very active and structured socially, while others have a more independent feel, where residents “do their own thing”.  Matching an individual to a social setting is very important. Take the time to see where the potential resident is in their life, evaluate the social programs and make an informed choice.

Does the resident have memory problems?

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia present particular issues for assisted living facilities in Wisconsin. Individuals that have been diagnosed with a memory disorder should consider a memory care home.  A specialty memory care home provides residents the security and comfort that a regular assisted living facility might not be equipped to handle. Not only will the memory care home provide them with security, many of them offer special memory programs intended to keep the resident mentally engaged, so as to stave off the effects of memory disorders.

In addition, many of these homes are able to care for a loved throughout the disease process, but not all.  Therefore, it is important to inquire as to their ability to care for all stages of dementia and end-of-life care, such as Hospice.

Will the resident require nursing care?

As we talked about above, assisted living facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some Wisconsin assisted living communities are equipped to handle some medical care, but nothing serious. While others (normally with the nomenclature “nursing home”) are specifically ready to handle long-term medical conditions of its patients. A medical evaluation or facility review will point you in the right direction when it comes to levels of medical care.

When it comes to picking the right assisted living situation for you or a loved one, taking emotional, social, and medical compatibility into account is a must. Through careful research and evaluation you can make this decision with confidence. Ask questions; get answers and you or your loved one can end up in a fulfilling and supportive environment.

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