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Wisconsin Nursing Homes

An Alternative to Nursing Homes in Wisconsin

Nursing homes provide the highest level of care for older adults outside of a hospital. The need for nursing home care may be one that happens suddenly, after a hospitalization or could be one that is arrived to gradually, over a long period of time because of age or a progressive medical issue.

Azura Memory Care is not defined as a nursing home, but we offer a comfortable home for seniors with a higher level of memory care. We not only cater to people coping with memory illnesses, we also provide assistance with medical needs, communicate with physicians and work with outside providers to assist with dental, podiatry, wound and a variety of other care needs for our residents.

Nursing home care can also be referred to as convalescence care.  Wisconsin nursing homes provide what is called custodial care for its residents. Custodial care provides all encompassing assistance that insures the health and safety of the resident.

Specifics of Nursing Homes in Wisconsin

Nursing homes provide help for patients from the time they wake up, until the time they go to bed. Wisconsin nursing home professionals help the residents with tasks like getting in and out of bed, feeding, bathing and dressing.

On top of helping the resident with everyday tasks, nursing home care involves a high level of medical assistance and monitoring.  A licensed Wisconsin physician supervises the care of all the patients and there is almost always a nurse or other medical professional available for emergencies or any other medical need that may arise throughout a day.

At Azura Memory Care our care provides access to whatever type of medical professional a doctor deems necessary for the resident. Some residents commonly need occupational and physical therapists, which we make sure is readily available to them with the support of our caregivers.

Living Arrangements at Wisconsin Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can all be set up a little different. The main goal is ease of patient care. Nursing home care strives to put the residents in the best position, for the highest level of medical care, while ensuring they are in a warm and friendly living environment.

When Is Nursing Home Care Needed?

The need for nursing home care can be one that comes about very slowly over time or one that needs to be made immediately after a traumatic event. At Azura Memory Care we deal primarily with progressive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. These illnesses commonly act slowly and reach points where outside care becomes essential for an older person’s safety and a family’s peace of mind. That is why we are equipped to handle all of our senior’s needs.

Sometimes acute medical problems like a stroke or an accidental fall may cause damage that makes everyday activities very difficult for an older person. In these situations the choice of care may be one that needs to happen quickly. The team of professionals that serve Azura Memory Care will help in the assessment and recommendation of level of care for our residents.

A Well Rounded Wisconsin Retirement Community

Azura Memory Care specializes in memory care while providing top-notch nursing/assisted living care. Check out our array of services or contact us with any of your questions.