Talk Turkey, Memories and More!

Mom & DaughterWith Turkey day right around the corner it’s important that we take time to talk, make some memories and come together to support those with memory loss in our midst!

At Azura Memory Care all of our homes open our doors to welcome our residents and their families around the dinner table.  We feast on turkey, mashed potatoes and more.  However, the true treat is in the conversation, laughter and stories shared!

As families come together please take the time to think about more than just stuffing.  Check to make sure that your loved one is happy, healthy and safe.

Take time to OBSERVE how they are looking, talking, walking and even what is in their refrigerator.  Spoiled food can quickly lead to serious consequences and even a trip to the emergency room!

Have them take you for a drive so you can VERIFY how they react behind the wheel and if they are OK to drive at night or on slippery roads.  A good rule of thumb is, if you aren’t comfortable having your kids or grandkids ride with your loved one, then they probably aren’t safe to drive.

DISCUSS ways that you can assist them with odd jobs around the house or by setting up services to come to help them.  Maybe a visit from a companionship service, meals on wheels or respite services might be in order.

Then do some RESEARCH on local services that can help your loved one and serve as a back-up if things go wrong.  Collect not just the information on services and costs, but how to get ahold of these organizations in a pinch.

Lastly, before the tryptophan kicks in, take a few moments to have some PRIVATE TIME with your loved one.  Reminisce about past Macy’s Day Parades, the dog knocking the turkey off the table or whatever brings a smile to your face and a shine to your heart.

Thanksgiving is truly a great time to talk turkey, memories and more!  From our Azura family to yours may every moment be magical!!!

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