Miranda Christen, Registered Nurse

Miranda Christen is the Registered Nurse for our Azura of Monroe and Clinton homes!

Miranda states, “My career in healthcare started back in high school when the Monroe home was originally built and I would go in and assist the residents after school. That is where the love began. Somehow along the way, however, I was steered in the direction of business and obtained a Business Management degree in 2001. After having my children, Austin and Owen, and a long discussion with the rest of the family, I opted to return to the healthcare field that I still loved so much.”

“Starting over as a CNA was difficult but proceeding to my BSN followed by becoming a Wound Care Clinician and Ostomy Specialist, I knew I had found my home again. Living in Denver for four years provided plenty of opportunity to combine the business degree with the nursing and become part of many leadership positions. I began traveling when Covid struck and traveled across the country try to do my part. When the position opened for the Regional Nurse for Monroe and Clinton, I immediately knew I needed to come back to where my life and career started!”
“My hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, gardening, and spending time with my college boys. I love Saturday night movies and having fun with friends. Most of all, I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to be back with my Azura family!”

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