That’s Amore!

Beloit-pizza 2Pizza was created by the Italians—or maybe by the Greeks, who brought it to Naples, but let’s face it, Americans eat a lot of pizza. At Azura Memory Care of Beloit, we decided to celebrate Pizza. To engage residents, fancy supplies are not required. Often, it is the simplest moments that create huge moments of joy.

So, we started out the day with a fun, and rather lively, discussion:

  • Round or square pies?
  • Cut in squares or triangle?
  • Do you like pepperoni or sausage?
  • Do you like it hot or cold?
  • Do you eat it with a fork and knife or just grab it as finger food?
  • Anchovies?

And the discussion really just went on and on from there.


We also made a craft project and everyone designed their favorite pizza. All practiced up, we rolled into the real thing. We added toppings to the crust, piled on the cheese and then popped them in the over. Boy, waiting 15 minutes is a long time when you are hungry for pizza!

And, at long last, we devoured our magically cheesy masterpieces feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Now, that’s Amore!

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