Tricks and Treats of Dementia

There are moments during the dementia disease process, where it may seem as if your loved one is getting better. Perhaps on a sunny day you take your Mom outside and have the most beautiful conversation with her, talking about the past and present at length. You go away from this encounter feeling as if Mom is getting better, only on your next visit she barely smiles at you.

During those good times it is hard not to get your hopes up, but even worse when your heart is crushed on the bad days. Therefore, it is important to know that good and bad days are very common throughout the progression of any of the 70 different types of dementia. One way to look at these goods days is to recognize them as a treat given by the dementia disease process. This sweet reward of connection enables us to cope with the disease process for longer and to remember that our loved one is still there trying to communicate with us.

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