It’s All in the Cards

The fellowship and laughter of this group of friends playing cards at Azura Memory Care of Stoughton  just can’t be beat. Yes, those feelings are good for the soul making this a true MOSAIC Moment, but are you aware it also sharpens the mind? Challenging card games improve concentration, memory and analytical skills.

And did you also know? Merle Robbins, the inventor of UNO and an Ohio barbershop owner, loved to play cards. One day in 1971, Merle came up with the idea for UNO and introduced the game to his family. When his family and friends began playing UNO more and more, Robbins and his family spent $8,000 to have 5,000 games made. At first Robbins sold UNO from his barbershop. A few local businesses sold it as well. Later Robbins sold the UNO rights to a funeral parlor owner and UNO fan from Joliet, Illinois, for $50,000, plus royalties of 10 cents per game. International Games Inc. was formed to market UNO, and sales skyrocketed. In 1992, International Games became part of the Mattel product line.


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