Visiting a Person with Alzheimer’s

Once a person with Alzheimer’s moves into a facility, family and friends may find it difficult or uncomfortable to visit. Conversations may be Wausau-1 to 1strained and the visitors may not know what to say and do. Because visits are so important, here are some suggestions of how to make your visits more comfortable, and easier for you both.

If the person is still able to communicate, start a conversation and then just listen. Give the patient your full attention. Watch their body language to be alert to the feelings that may be expressed beneath the words.

Other ideas include:

Find full article at http://www.alz.org/nyc/in_my_community_17492.asp

This Alzheimer’s poem shares some great tips for spending time with love ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia!

Pictured: Azura Memory Care of Wausau taking some individual time engaging and visiting with our residents.


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